Beautiful Day

DSC_0565Good morning everyone! What a beautiful day its’ going to be! I know my jacket looks a little big but it’s supposed to! It’s oversized not big and I’m really into oversized stuff lately. It’s cozy and comfortable. A trick to wearing oversized is to wear something fitted underneath so you don’t lose your shape like I’m doing here! Hope everyone has a great day!

DSC_0563DSC_0568DSC_0567DSC_0566DSC_0564Dress and jacket: H&M, Earrings: Forever 21, Boots: ASOS, Bag: Express

Pulling out the Oldies

DSC_0562 Hey everyone! I pulled out my orange ruffled top I got a really long time ago from Forever 21 and paired it with these beautiful pants, also from Forever 21. Sometimes you just have to pull out some oldies and enjoy what you have. Have a beautiful day! Thank you for stopping by!


Stripes and Fur

DSC_0547Aren’t the colors gorgeous?! We call this the burning bush! I love fall so much and especially love it when it’s a little bit warm out. It’s 55 here in Michigan today. I decided to wear my striped maxi today that I got from ASOS. It’s one of my favorites in my wardrobe. It’s just fun! I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!DSC_0551DSC_0548DSC_0556

Busy Life!

DSC_0466 Hello everyone! So sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, it’s been a little crazy lately. But within the craziness I’ve been learning to appreciate the time I do have to blog and read and do other things I don’t necessarily have time to do other than work and school. My advice to people who can’t seem to find time is to deliberately make time to do the relaxing things you want to do. It’s okay to take time for yourself! Do it and enjoy it!

DSC_0468DSC_0470DSC_0471DSC_0469ASOS: Shoes, skirt, FOREVER 21: Leggings, Shirt. flower ring, MACYS: bag, H&M: necklace, pom, pom

Simple Pleasures

Fall is my favorite season. I love jackets and cozy sweaters, the fast paced schedules with school starting again, and of course the amazing drinks coffee shops pump out during the seasons. I started my day with a delicious caramel apple cider and a hair cut and realized how thankful I …

Summers Day

DSC_0017Today I decided to dress my vintage denim skirt with my star button down. I tucked the front of it in to give some shape and wore my go-go boots along with them 🙂 My Michael Kors bag adds just the right amount of color to the outfit.

DSC_0012DSC_0014DSC_0011DSC_0016I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for reading!

Vacation Day 2!

DSC_0211Day 2! Well actually this is more like day 3 but it’s okay!

DSC_0325DSC_0363One of the beautiful sunsets we saw!

DSC_0313This is me looking glamorous on my bun in our cabin.

DSC_0311This is what the cabin looked like. Not too shabby right?

DSC_0402Bald eagle we saw!!



DSC_0280Dad and Chris kayaking in beautiful waters of Lake Superior.

DSC_0287DSC_0286DSC_0204DSC_0153This is what the trail to our cabin looked like. A lot of board walks so we don’t have to walk in the mud.

And that’s all for today! thank you so much for reading!

Vacation Day 1!

DSC_0006 My family and I went up to the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and it was absolutely beautiful. I’m sharing Day 1 pictures of a waterfall went to see as well as the sunset and nature we saw while we were there.





Home Again

DSC_0617Hey everyone! I just got back from an amazing trip up north! In Michigan that’s what we call upstate and the upper peninsula. I was in the upper peninsula backpacking with my family and I will do some blog posts about what all we saw. Today I decided to wear these shorts I found at Goodwill. They’re so comfortable and go very well with this Faux fur vest I found at Forever 21DSC_0624DSC_0621I”ve been looking high and low for a little bag that I can pop everything in and I found this Giani Bernini bag at Macy’s! It’s so cute and goes with everything.