Hello everyone! I have kinda been MIA for the past few months and I think that’s okay. A lot of change has been happening lately and I just had to get my head on. I got a new job for one. Just another retail job but hey! It’s a job! …

Watch of the Month!



Hey guys! I have discovered that I really love watches and I have quite a few so I’m starting a new series called watch of the month where I feature one of my watches. This one is my “sporty” one with a slap wrist band and a fun bright color. I found it while cleaning my room and fell in love all over again. I found a couple watches from the brand Winky with their slap wrist watch! I got mine from Target.




Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so busy but I’ve graduated college now!!! And now I can finally post again! This is just a quick post of what I wore today with my new Michael Kors bag!!!!!!!! Forever 21: Shorts, Turtleneck, Sandles, Michael Kors bag, Betsy Johnson: Fox Earrings

Homemade Tunic

  Being in fashion school, I am learning how to create my own clothes! This is something I’m really excited about and this is my second attempt at making my own tunic and I love how it turned out. The butterfly print I found and new exactly what I wanted …

Sunny Day!

Hey guys! I am sorry I really don’t know what is wrong with my pictures. If you wait a second and let it load it should work. Or if you click on the little box the picture should load. Again sorry about that! I’m working on fixing it! It’s finally …

Print on Print!

Happy March everyone! This outfit I took a while ago when my hair was longer and pink. I love print and bright colors as you know and this outfit is bold! Which I love. The key to print on print is to make sure that the prints don’t fight with …