Keeping Organized for College

Plan Everything

Plan your day, plan your week, plan your month, plan your year! Okay, maybe not your year but you get the drift. Do plan your day, week, and month though, you’ll thank yourself when the semester starts getting real crazy and you have all these things you need/want to get done and you can’t keep track of it all.

Make Lists of what you have to get done

I do this all the time. I’m a list junky, I have them everywhere. So sit down before the semester starts or right at the beginning and list out everything. Assignments, activities, personal things, appointments, potential meals, workout plans, whatever. I make a checklist every morning of what I need to get done that day, not necessarily in any order, I just dump it out and then I categorize. At the beginning of the semester I make a “week list” of everything I want to do in a week. It looks something like this:
Bible Study
Friends Time
Little Time (Volunteer Work)
Internship Work
Bible Study Time
That’s a lot of stuff right? But it’s all manageable! Next, once you get your syllabus, list out all the assignments and their due dates. This way you know what assignments are due when. Check off each assignment as you go so you never miss one and look ahead! It’s always okay to work ahead.

Schedule it out

I have a job on campus so I am able to study and do homework while I’m at work sometimes which is super helpful. But I don’t only study there. I get up super early in the morning, cause I’m a morning person, and study before the day starts to kind of get that out of the way. First thing though I make coffee, shower, get dressed, and watch an episode of TV and then by 6 I’m studying. I leave the house at 7 to be at my school by 7:30 and study there until class or work. The library is always a great place to study.
Then I work from 1-5 and that leaves me the evenings to wind down, meet with a friend, go to bible study, and read. I try not to study or do anything related to work in the evenings so that I can have me time. I find that very important. In a busy life, it makes self-preservation very important.