A Little Something Different

Author: Sandy Hall
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Publisher: Swoon Reads

This book made me very happy. It’s the most adorable book I’ve read in a while. Although some of it was a little bit cheeky for me, I still loved it. Especially the end. The book is set at a college campus with the main characters being Gabe and Lea. Everyone around them knows they should be together. Even the bench (which I thought was a little weird). The story takes the twists and turns of two people trying to find their way to each other without stepping on the other’s toes. It was sometimes a little painful to read with the horrendously awkward moments, but what I liked was how real the book was. People, especially shy people, don’t fall in love very easily. And it can make them a little crazy, and giddy, and happy, and sad and this book has all that. Overall I would recommend this book for a rainy Sunday afternoon by the fire. It makes one want to be young and in love.


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