You are what you eat

DSC_7574So as I stare at my closet, which is actually two pipes drilled into my wall in my room, I’ve noticed that I like to color and somewhat quirky pieces. Like this donut sweater! Not only is the sweater super comfy and but it’s actually pretty warm! I hate those fake sweaters that look like they should be warm but are super thin and you can feel every “breeze”. Keeping the theme of donuts I wore my new GoJane sunglasses along which are super fun!

DSC_7586DSC_7619DSC_7567DSC_7605Introducing the loves of my life, Max (right) and Bella (left). Bella is my little baby that I got as a late Christmas present from my parents after our family dog died after 17 years together, it was heartbreaking. But I got my own little dog out of it and have (this is going to sound soooooo cheesy) never known I could love something as much as I do my pup. I bet this is what motherhood feels like. And Max is our beautiful Aussie that my Mom got. I co-mom him 😉 and he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. He follows us EVERYWHERE, including the bathroom, and gives kisses whenever possible. I’m going to try to include them both in as many posts as possible!!!



Forever 21: Sweater, Jacket, two-finger ring/ Urbanog: Heels/ H&M: jeans/ Aldo Bag/ GoJane, Sunglasses

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